SAP Help Portal

SAP Help Portal contains the complete documentation for SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. Navigate to SAP NetWeaver.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator

SAP NetWeaver Administrator can be used in a central or local scenario for administration and monitoring the SAP NetWeaver system landscape.

System Information

System information provides administrators with an overview of the system configuration and its state. It shows all of the system's instances and processes, their current state and important parameters (such as ports) that may be required for support cases, as well as the versions of the components installed.

Web Services Navigator

Web Services Navigator is a tool that gives you a short overview of a specific Web service based on its WSDL, and enables you to test your Web service by creating and sending a client request to the real end point.

User Management

The user management administration console provides administrators with the functions they need to manage users, groups, roles, and user-related data in the User Management Engine (UME). Users without administrator permissions can use it to change their user profile.

Web Dynpro Tools

Web Dynpro tools provide administrators and application developers performance measurement and application administration capabilities for the SAP NetWeaver User Interface technology.

UDDI Client

The UDDI client provides query and publishing functions for different Web service entities to any UDDI compliant registry.